Kristen Bell Targets People Magazine On Twitter Over ‘Pedorazzi’ Photos

Kristen Bell waged a Twitter war over so-called “pedorazzi” photos, taking direct aim at People magazine.

Bell & her husband, Dax Shepard, are crusaders against publications that buy & publish photos of celebrities’ children taken by paparazzi without consent. People magazine was Bell’s main target on Saturday (Feb. 1) when she unleashed a series of accusatory tweets.

“interesting that @peoplemag claims 2b ‘#1 site 4 celeb news’ yet no mention of the news @daxshepard1 i have made abt the #pedorazzi,” she wrote, according to The Wrap. “hard to print a story that condems your own behavior? do whats right @peoplemag – stop buying #pedorazzi photos. — Kristen Bell.”

Those tweets have since been deleted, yet others remained visible.

Bell & Shepard welcomed their first child together, daughter Lincoln, back in March. In a Jan. 30 blog post for The Huffington Post, Shepard explained why he & his wife are so vehemently opposed to publications that use paparazzi photos of celebrity kids.

He wrote, in part:

We think that people who like looking at children in magazines must actually like children. We are betting on the chance that they like them enough to protect them from constantly being shadowed by strange men (not trying to be sexist — I’m sure there are plenty of strange women in the ‘razzi game). We pray that one of the classier weeklies, like People, will enact a no-kids policy, & that they will be rewarded by the consumer for doing so. And we hope that leads to others following suit.

Other celebrities have joined the fight, defending the “no kids policy.”

In September, Senate Bill 606 passed in California to protect the privacy of children of public figures & redefine harassment. Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner & Adele all backed the legislation.

Alex Rodriguez is seen paying at the parking meter before entering a gym on in Miami Beach, Florida. When Rodriguez noticed awaiting photographers, he quickly hid behind the meter.


  • Lindsay Lohan tries to keep a low profile as her new assistant drives her home from Chateau Marmont.

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