Rosemary Williams Of ‘My Five Wives’ Says Father Sexually Abused Her

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A woman featured in a reality TV show about a polygamous family is going public about sex abuse she claims she suffered as a child in hopes of changing a culture of secrecy plaguing plural families in Utah.Rosemary Williams of "My Five Wives" on TLC says she was molested more than two decades ago by her father, Lynn A. Thompson and published her claims in a blog. He is the leader of the one of largest organized polygamy groups in Utah, the Apostolic United Brethren, or AUB.The AUB is estimated to be the second-largest polygamist church in Utah behind Warren Jeffs' Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on the Utah-Arizona border. Unlike Jeffs' group, which has been plagued for years by allegations of abuse and child brides, the Apostolic United Brethren in northern Utah has a clean reputation. Thompson said the allegations were not true when contacted by The Associated Press on Friday. He did not immediately respond to a phone message on Saturday.Rosemary Williams says her father fondled her when she was 12 years old. She told The Associated Press that she does not plan to file a criminal accusation or a lawsuit against her father because she doesn't think that will do any good. She says she wants to prevent him from abusing others, especially given his recent appointment as president of the AUB, which has up to 7,500 followers across the West.Williams also hopes to be an advocate for abuse victims in patriarchal societies like the one she was raised in, where families are often fearful to report crimes out of concern they may be prosecuted under polygamy laws. She doesn't believe sex abuse is widespread among the polygamous group, but she wants mothers to be able to come forward and report it and other forms of abuse when they occur."The reason people are afraid to say anything is because they are upholding somebody in a position of authority and they're taught to respect them," Williams said. "They are afraid of the repercussions. They are afraid of Utah coming down on them and carrying their kids out of their home."A search of criminal charges available online show no record of any criminal convictions for Thompson, and the Utah Attorney General's Office is unaware of any formal complaints submitted against Thompson, said spokeswoman Missy Larsen. Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill said he couldn't comment on the matter.David Watson, a spokesman for the AUB, didn't return multiple phone calls from The AP.Rosemary Williams is Brady Williams' third wife. He and his five wives and their combined 24 children are featured in the TLC reality show, "My Five Wives." They decided to do the show in part to demonstrate that polygamy can be healthy and stable. They live in a rural community outside of Salt Lake City Lake City where most people belong to the group Thompson leads.They no longer are members of the group. They slowly withdrew during the mid-2000s after re-evaluating their core beliefs. They still practice polygamy, but only because they are happy doing so, not out of the fear of hell or the promise of heaven, Brady Williams says.She said she recently confronted her father about what happened. He said he didn't remember and that he would pray to God to remember what happened. She reported the abuse recently to another high-ranking church leader, but nothing was done, she said.Rosemary Williams became choked up and was unable to talk while discussing the reaction she expects from family and friends who are still members of the polygamous group."She knows that it will be very strong reprisal," said Brady Williams, explaining why his wife couldn't speak. "Her family will probably disown her along with many of her friends."There was no immediate response from TLC.

Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Cake’ Impresses Auds, Jason Bateman: “I Never Knew You Could Do This”

During the QA following Thursday’s American Cinematheque screening of the new Jennifer Aniston drama Cake, a woman in the audience exclaimed to the former Friends star, “I’ve been dealing with chronic pain for over several years and you nailed every mannerism, every emotion as well as the experience of living with it: People often think we’re faking it, and we’re not.” The woman was the second in the crowd who battled chronic pain, to applaud Aniston’s turn as Claire Simmons, a woman who has weathered a grave tragedy, and battles the chronic pain which cripples her body.  The crowd at the Egyptian Theater was moved, and gave the actress several rounds of applause. One has to see Aniston in Cake to believe it.  From the first frame, you forget it’s her up on the screen. She completely loses herself in the role, sans make-up, except for scars throughout her body. It’s not a stretch, rather an effortless performance, so Academy voters, prick up your ears. Deadline’s Pete Hammond couldn’t be more correct: Jennifer Aniston is a bona fide Oscar contender in the best actress slot. At the top of the QA, moderator Jason Bateman (who shares four onscreen credits with the actress in The Break-Up, The Switch and Horrible Bosses 1 2) told Aniston, “I’ve never seen you do anything like that before, I never doubted you could do something like that before, but I’ve never seen it. You’ve never been asked to that.” Aniston answered, “I don’t think I could have done this five or 10 years ago. I don’t know if I could have brought to the part then, what I brought now: A level of fearlessness.” RELATEDJason Bateman Talks To Deadline About ‘Arrested Development’, His Film Career Many are comparing Aniston’s 180 to Charlize Theron’s during Monster, in which she completely de-glamorized herself into trashy serial killer Aileen Wuornos.  As wonderful as Theron was, Aniston’s Claire is a far more accessible character to audiences: Despite her curmudgeon nature, she has a heart of gold.  In Cake, there’s more than just the tragic pain that Claire battles.  Guilt-stricken from the suicide of a young woman in her therapy group, Nina (Anna Kendrick), she aims to reconcile with her ghost as well as her widowed husband (Sam Worthington).  Throughout it all, the only person who thoroughly understands Claire is her Mexican caretaker Silvana (Oscar nominee Adriana Barraza). Director Daniel Barnz,working from newcomer Patrick Tobin’s screenplay, strikes just the right tone. Cake is never heavy-handed in its melodrama, nor in the gravitas of Claire’s struggle. A sense of hope bubbles below the surface, or as Aniston told Deadline after the screening, “the film allows you to breathe.” RELATEDJennifer Aniston’s ‘Cake’ Sells To Cinelou After TIFF During a 1990 panel at the New Orleans Film Festival, casting director Marion Dougherty (who discovered Robert Redford, Jon Voight among other greats) once said that if she had to choose between two actresses for the same role, she’d go with the one who is nicer off-camera; because audiences would connect with her better. When choosing best actress, awards voters could also use the same criteria: Aniston’s affability and lack of pretension will carry her a long way during Oscar season. She’s an open book when it comes to her acting method, and such revelations will no doubt resonate with her peers. Aniston’s sincerity shined through Thursday when she boldly answered a query on how she deals with the tabloids, while balancing a serious career. “Negative comments are hurtful, and there are a lot of bullies in the world with free time. You do your best to tune out the noise, take the good with the bad, and keep grounded with amazing friends who tell you to snap out of it and focus on your job.  It’s a challenge to say ‘I’m not tabloid fodder’ and I welcome and embrace the challenge of that,” said the actress. RELATEDJennifer Aniston At Deadline’s 2014 Contenders Event – Live Blog When it came to landing the part of Claire Simmons, Aniston felt ready to play outside her comfort zone.  “The role checked all the boxes for me to play darker, I wanted to disappear,” she told Deadline following the QA, “The script had to be bulletproof.” The reason why there’s been a lag between Aniston’s dramatic roles, her first as a discount store clerk in Miguel Arteta’s The Good Girl (2002) (she was nominated for a female lead Indie Spirit) and her performance as a cash-strapped maid with wealthy GFs in Friends With Money was because of “stereotyping that occurs (when it comes to roles) in this town, and I had to flex more for the role” Aniston told Deadline. She gives credits to directors like Arteta and Barnz, “It’s the young ones who see you in another light. Miguel had this sentiment to cast me in a dramatic role (Good Girl), much in the same way Robert Redford cast Mary Tyler Moore in a serious role in Ordinary People.“ Aniston pieced Claire together from two people she knew in her life, one a painkiller-addicted stunt-woman who had her right leg injured in a boat propeller accident, and the other a dear friend, who weathered a deep loss in her life by becoming a crotchety alcoholic.  “She had empathy,” said Aniston who in addition to wearing a back brace to get into the physicality of the part, also studied Barnz’s mood book for the film and worked on the proper vocals. In addition, Aniston gained weight by ignoring her regular workouts over two and half months, and being less stringent about what she eats.  “It’s the different aspects of people, you dive into and let that become part of you,” said the actress on how she cracked the part. But whether it’s Cake or Horrible Bosses, Aniston said she approaches the emotion of “comedy and drama in the same way. You start with the truth of the situation of the character. Their real truth. We’re being ...

Vanessa Hudgens Chops Bangs For Holiday Hairdo

Trying out a different look this Thanksgiving season, Vanessa Hudgens paid a visit to the hair salon for a fresh cut and color. The “High School Musical” actress decided to darken her red locks and while she was at it she got some bangs, too. After the transformation was complete, Hudgens’ hairstylist Riawana Capri posted a photo to her Instagram account to let her fans know about the new winter trend. Vanessa has always been keen to change up her hair and this time around it looks like it turned out nicely. 4pm: @vanessahudgens Deep and rich for fall bangs and a rockin shag #favorites #901girl #16hourday #stillgoing Una foto publicada por Riawna Capri (@riawnacapri) el Nov 11, 2014 at 8:08 PST

Chris Pine: I Learned to Sing in the Shower

Chris Pine shows off his vocal chops as a singing Prince Charming in the upcoming film adaption of Into the Woods, but the actor notes that his singing ability comes a bit naturally. "I've sung in the shower for years," Pine told reporters at the L.A. premiere of Horrible Bosses 2. "I thought I was my own best teacher." Despite his self-taught shower sessions, the actor, 34, revealed that he received some formal training for his role in the Stephen Sondheim musical fairytale, opening Christmas Day. "I went to a singing coach and worked on it," he said, calling the coaching sessions an "incredible challenge in this past year that I had a lot of fun with." Pine plays the prince alongside an A-list cast including Anna Kendrick, Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt, who previously praised his singing ability. "Chris Pine has a voice like a full-bodied bottle of wine," she raved. "He sounds like Frank Sinatra. The first time I heard his voice it was like, 'Wow!' He's so funny in this role. He's so full of it and arrogant." Despite playing a role that originated on stage, Pine says don't expect him to appear on the Great White Way anytime soon. "I was never much of a musical theater guy, but I have so much more respect for the art form, the physical exertion of doing eight shows on Broadway a week, I cannot even fathom it." • Reporting by REAGAN ALEXANDER  

TV Jukebox: ‘Scandal,’ ‘CSI,’ ‘Jane the Virgin,’ and more of the week’s best music-on-TV moments

Have you found yourself wondering, “What’s that song?” while watching your favorite TV shows? We’re here to tell you. Check out our Spotify playlist and see why these music picks clicked. (Warning for those still catching up on DVR: Spoilers ahead.) Related TV Jukebox: 'Walking Dead,' 'Sleepy Hollow,' 'Selfie,' more music on TV TV Jukebox: 'SNL,' 'Boardwalk Empire,' 'Supernatural,' more music on TV TV Jukebox: 'The Blacklist,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Arrow,' more music on TV SCANDAL (ABC)The song: Stevie Wonder, “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing”The episode: “Where the Sun Don’t Shine” (409)The hook: What’s more Scandal-ous? That Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) was kidnapped—or that she was wearing black when it happened? Either way, after being essentially disowned by her father (Joe Morton) on Thursday’s midseason finale, Liv chose “me” over her twisted love triangle with Jake (Scott Foley) and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn). She celebrated her new liberation with a rare dark-hued ensemble and a dance party to the RB icon’s 1973 ode to opting out of stress.Read Kat Ward’s recap and Natalie Abrams’ postmortem CSI (CBS) The song: Vaults, “Lifespan”The episode: “The Twin Paradox” (1516)The hook: The Brit band provided ambient accompaniment and an on-message lyrical throughline (“you took what you wanted to take”) on Sunday as Morgan (Elisabeth Harnois) collected evidence from the badly beaten near-victim of the Gig Harbour Killer. REIGN (The CW) The song: Glass Animals, “Toes”The episode: “Terror of the Faithful” (208)The hook: Lord Narcisse (Craig Parker) may be a dangerous, grade-A creep, but he generated serious heat with Lola (Anna Popplewell) on Thursday thanks to the Oxford, England, indie rockers’ sultry percussive number. Later in the ep, RHODES’ “Run” saw Lola console Francis (Toby Regbo) in a moment of self-doubt.Read Madina Papadopoulos’s recap PARENTHOOD (NBC) The song: Matt Corby, “Winter”The episode: “Lean In” (609)The hook: The Jukebox regular closed out Thursday’s episode with the ominous promise: “Winter is coming.” It was a bad sign for not only Julia (Erika Christensen) and Joel (Sam Jaeger) as they alternated between agonizing over signing their divorce papers and engaging in a passionate kiss, but also for the ailing Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) when he awoke in the middle of the night barely able to breathe or call out to Millie (Bonnie Bedelia) for help. Corby’s pleading track conveyed the anguish of the five-tissue cliffhanger.Read Michelle Newman’s recap JANE THE VIRGIN (The CW)* The song: Christina Perri, “Sea of Lovers”The episode: “Chapter Six” (106)The hook: Monday ended on a major high note for shippers when Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) finally kissed, sharing what EW’s Nina Terrero deemed “one of those lingering, made-for-TV embraces that totally makes you believe in true love all over again.” Perri (a.k.a. the woman who wrote The Twilight Saga‘s love theme) was an appropriate choice for a heart-soaring piano ballad, and Jukeboxers on Twitter briefly stopped swooning to offer their stamp of approval.Read Nina’s recap GREY’S ANATOMY (ABC) The song: Ella Eyre, “Deeper”The episode: “Risk” (1108)The hook: After Eyre keyed up the Nov. 13 ep, Grey’s gave the British songbird repeat exposure with her dance-it-out-able ditty, which found many at Grey-Sloan Memorial docs airing their grievances during Thursday’s midseason finale. Elsewhere, Aron Wright’s “Home” backed an emotional Calzona exchange.Read Chancellor Agard’s recap THE FLASH (The CW) The song: Of Monsters and Men, “Skeletons”The episode: “The Flash Is Born” (106)The hook: The Icelandic folkies was fitting ambience as Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Wells (Tom Cavanagh) dug into their past and Nora Allen’s murder on Tuesday.Read Chancellor Agard’s recap HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER (ABC) The song: iamx, “Walk with the Noise”The episode: “Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me” (109)The hook: Thursday’s midseason finale was full of pulse-pounding moments, but it was only natural that HTGAWM‘s de facto house band underscored the most intricate sequence of the night. The thrumming, propulsive bass line of “Noise” was especially intense as Asher (Matt McGorry) nearly spotted his up-to-no-good classmates en route to burying the title’s Murder victim… well, one of them, at least. (Bonus: The ep also featured the Spacebrother remix of Phantogram’s “Blackout Days,” which TV Jukebox spotlighted a year ago.)Read Natalie Abrams’ postmortem with creator Pete Nowalk THE WALKING DEAD (AMC) The song: Alison Mosshart Eric Arjes, “Bad Blood”The episode: “Consumed” (506)The hook: “Bad Blood” was coursing through Carol’s (Melissa McBride) veins as Sunday’s opener flashed back to the minutes after Rick (Andrew Lincoln) expelled her from the group. Mosshart and Arjes’ glum strummer played through a montage of her breakdown and bounce-back.Read Kyle Ryan’s recap and Dalton Ross’s chat with McBride about Carol’s evolution THE ORIGINALS (The CW) The song: London Grammar, “Devil Inside”The episode: “Chasing The Devil’s Tail” (207)The hook: Sons of Anarchy fans probably recognized the soulful voice of Noah Gundersen, whose “Poor Man’s Son” featured on Monday’s OGs, but it was the Jukebox favorites’ eerie, downbeat cover of INXS’s 1988 hit that set the stage for a contentious Mikaelson family reunion that will be nothing short of “Devil”-ish.Read Samantha Highfill’s recap AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW (FX) The song: Evan Peters, “Come As You Are”The episode: “Test of Strength” (407)The hook: The ladies of AHS have gotten plenty of play on stage during the show’s trademark anachronistic cover performances, but Peters’ Jimmy—turning in a growling rendition of Nirvana’s 1991 Freak flag anthem—got to represent for the guys this week.Read Darren Franich’s recap *Readers’ Choice: Thanks to @lightinaugust, ‏@_gichora, and @Longing2belong for their suggestions! Want to be featured in the next TV Jukebox? Tell @EW using #tvjukebox, and you could be featured in the Music Mix.

Sexiest Director Alive? Channing Tatum Is About to Helm His First Movie

Channing Tatum, master of comedy and drama (not to mention 2012's Sexiest Man Alive), has decided to take a step behind the camera. Fresh off his dramatic turn in Foxcatcher and this summer's comedic hit 22 Jump Street, Tatum, 34, will co-direct and produce an adaptation of young-adult novel Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock. The book was written by Matthew Quick, whose debut novel, Silver Linings Playbook, was was made into a 2012 Oscar hit starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tatum is co-directing and producing the film with collaborator Reid Carolin for The Weinstein Co. and their production company, Free Association. The book is about a high schooler who plots to kill his best friend before killing himself, but goes to school to say his goodbyes to everyone first. Tatum is also currently in talks to play the teen's teacher who tries to help, which means the actor has a busy time ahead of him: Foxcatcher just opened to rave reviews, he just finished up shooting Magic Mike XXL, his futuristic drama Jupiter Ascending opens soon and he is set to play Gambit in the next X-Men movie. Quick is also in demand in Hollywood right now, with another novel, Love May Fail, also currently in development, with Sam Raimi slated to direct.

Another woman comes forward in Cosby case: Comedy club manager Joyce Emmons claims the actor drugged her

Joyce Emmons, a former comedy club manager, has stepped forward to add her name to the growing list of women alleging sexual misconduct at the hands of Bill Cosby. Speaking to TMZ, Emmons states that in her time running clubs in the ’70s and ’80s, the famed comedian frequently had drugs in his possession, although he never appeared to take them. She then states that on one occasion, he offered her some: “Emmons tells us … one night she got a bad migraine and Cosby offered her a whilte pill which he said ‘was a little strong’ but could cure a headache. She says she took the pill, blacked out, and the next thing she knew she was nude in bed in Cosby’s suite with one of his friends — a guy who had unsuccessfully tried hitting on her earlier in the evening. Emmons says she confronted Bill and demanded to know what drug she took, and he laughed and said it was ‘just a Quaalude.’” It’s the latest in a series of allegations against the 77-year old that resurfaced following accusations made by comedian Hannibal Buress during a performance. Cosby and his lawyers have remained steadfast in their refusal to address these allegations—a decision which appears to be a costly one in the court of public

The Way She Was: New Photo Book Showcases Barbra Streisand’s Early Years in Hollywood

When photojournalist Lawrence Schiller met Barbra Streisand on the set of On a Clear Day You Can See Forever in 1968, he felt like a new hire greeting the company CEO. "I didn't know if she liked me or not," he says, "but at the end of the week, I wasn't fired."Schiller and his colleague Steve Schapiro were hired by movie studio execs to shoot the star during the first decade of her movie career, capturing moments big and small for use in magazines around the world. Now they have collected their photos, many of which have never been published, in the limited-edition book Barbra: Streisand's Early Years in Hollywood: 1968–1976. What does their muse think? "It is a very big book, and I haven't had time to look at every page," Streisand says. "But the artful photographs bring back some great memories."