Olivia Wilde Welcomes Baby Boy Otis Alexander With Jason Sudeikis

Congratulations go out to Olivia Wilde and fiance Jason Sudeikis, who welcomed baby boy Otis Alexander into the world on Wednesday, April 23. Wilde took to Twitter to share the happy news, posting a photo of her newborn son: Ladies and gentlemen, Otis Alexander Sudeikis has LEFT the building! (I'm the building) pic.twitter.com/uHfY3adroc— olivia wilde (@oliviawilde) April 23, 2014People magazine first broke the news that Wilde was expecting in October 2013, nine months after she and Sudeikis got engaged. A source close to the couple told the magazine at the time that "they are incredibly happy" and "excited to welcome a new member into their family."At the Golden Globes in January 2014, Wilde revealed she and Sudeikis were expecting a boy and added her unique and quirky way of remembering her due date: "May the fourth be with you," she told Ryan Seacrest. The gorgeous 30-year-old has been sharing anecdotes on social media throughout her pregnancy, joking in January that she looks like a "giant, walking pickle" and in February that her growing belly looks as if she had just finished a Mexican meal. On a more serious note, she told Marie Claire that she "can't wait for children" and would be open to having three kids.

Sony Accused Of Fraud In FIFA World Cup SuperSong Contest

o DEMANDA 570 Sony Accused Of Fraud In FIFA World Cup SuperSong Contest

Not everybody is happily singing along with the winner of Sony and FIFA's SuperSong competition. Earlier this week a lawsuit was filed against Sony Music Entertainment, its affiliates and Puerto Rican songwriter Elijah King, whose winning “Vida” was recorded by Ricky Martin and recently released for the 2014 World Cup.In the lawsuit filed in Miami, Hundred Proof Club, Think Famous Productions, Akela Family and JDK Entertainment contend that King and Sony committed fraud against their companies and the 1,600 other aspiring songwriters who participated in the global competition. The plaintiffs claim that they entered into a recording and publishing contract to promote King's work and career in early 2013. The alleged agreement granted the companies the right to earn royalties and license fees based on King’s work. Sony became familiar with King thanks to the plaintiffs’ past relationship with the company, they contend, and allegedly became interested in signing the songwriter for itself. In September 2013, before the start of the SuperSong competition, the lawsuit claims, Sony asked King to write a song to be recorded by Martin.The plaintiffs contend that at the request of Sony’s agents, King was to enter the song “Vida” in the “Sony Music World Cup FIFA Songwriting Contest,” set to begin in December. After the submission, Sony allegedly pressured the plaintiffs to release King from his contract so that he would be eligible to win the contest. The suit claims that Hundred Proof Club, Think Famous Productions, Akela Family and JDK Entertainment were promised compensation if they would release King. According to the rules of the SuperSong competition, contestants could not be under a publishing agreement with any third party and the winner was to be signed by Sony/ATV Music Publishing.The lawsuit contends that Sony “fraudulently” induced King’s release from his publishing contract and then refused to provide the plaintiffs with the promised compensation. Moreover, the plaintiffs accuse Sony of committing fraud in the SuperSong competition, arguing that the “winning” song was in Sony’s possession long before the contest began and that King was never eligible to win because the rules indicated that entrants could not have had publishing agreements at any time in their careers.HuffPost Voces spoke to attorney Alicia Roman, who is representing the plaintiffs. The lawsuit asks for damages in excess of $15,000 in addition to equitable relief, and Roman said they’re hoping to reverse King’s contractual release.“[We’re looking to] annul the release due to the fraud they committed,” Roman said. “When it’s annulled, all of the rights to Elijah’s songs are returned to my client, particularly the song 'Vida' that Ricky Martin sang and will be a part of the [FIFA] album. All of the money that the song generates belongs to my client. Basically that’s what we’re looking for. If we aren’t able to annul [it] for some reason, they have to offer my client the financial compensation they promised.” Roman said that the plaintiffs were unaware of the competition’s full terms and conditions when they signed the release of King's contract, but have since realized that King was never eligible to enter or win.“At the time it wasn’t very clear, but looking at all the facts now, they stole our talent without giving us what they promised they would give,” Roman said. “[They] stole the talent with the excuse of the competition despite the fact that he was never eligible for the competition. If we go off of the rules that they themselves placed, he never had a right to win and the competition is a fraud against us, the entire world and the 1,600 contestants that participated.” King also wrote the hit “Te Gusta” for the Venezuelan band Grupo Treo while under contract with the plaintiffs, according to the lawsuit. HuffPost Voces attempted to reach the songwriter on his cell phone, leaving two voice mail messages, but has yet to receive a response.Sony's senior manager for press and publicity told HuffPost that the company had no comment on the lawsuit.Efforts to reach Ricky Martin were made via email, also without success. Martin was the spokesman for the SuperSong competition, which announced King and “Vida” as the winners in February of this year.On Tuesday, Martin released the official video for the song, which will be part of the FIFA World Cup album.

Ariel Castro Victims Demand Joan Rivers Apology

n JOAN RIVERS large Ariel Castro Victims Demand Joan Rivers Apology

Attorneys for two women held in a Cleveland home and abused for a decade say Joan Rivers should apologize for comparing living in her daughter's guest room with the captivity they experienced. CLEVELAND (AP) — Attorneys for two women held in a Cleveland home and abused for a decade say Joan Rivers should apologize for comparing living in her daughter's guest room with the captivity they experienced.Rivers and her daughter were discussing their reality show Tuesday on NBC's "Today" show when she complained about her living arrangements, saying, "Those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space."A Wednesday statement from attorneys for Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus calls Rivers' remark hurtful and shocking. The attorneys say the women have endured painful media attention and the comment is "a new low" that warrants an apology.Rivers' publicist hasn't responded to messages seeking comment.Berry, DeJesus and a third woman, Michelle Knight, escaped last year. Their kidnapper, Ariel Castro, hanged himself in prison.

Watch These Grooving ‘Grannies’ Get Down Before Running Marathons For A Good Cause

Step aside, Mrs. Doubtfire.These three young women, known as the "Jammin' Grannies," rock the grandma get-up better than anyone we've ever seen before. And boy do they know how to bust a move!To get themselves pumped up before they run marathons, they dress up as "grannies" -- with wigs and all -- and rock out in honor of mental health, according to their Facebook page. On March 29 at Ukrop's Monument Ave 10k marathon in Richmond, Va., these grannies danced to V.I.C's "Wobble," and had everyone wobbling with them.Take note of the way the grannie in the pink pants moves her hips. It's almost as good as the crip walk that the grannie in the blue pants busts out around the 20 second mark. h/t RightThisMinute

David Alan Grier’s ‘How To Tell Black People Apart’ Is Just What The World Needs

David Alan Grier may be responsible for solving Hollywood's most awkward problem -- those moments when black celebrities are confused with other black celebrities. We're sure you remember the Samuel L. Jackson debacle, the Alfre Woodard, Idris Elba disaster, or the Octavia Spencer red carpet mishap. This infomercial for David Alan Grier’s book “How To Tell Black People Apart” featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live is not only the funniest thing we've seen all day, but it's also just what the world needs. In it, Grier shares the side-splitting acronym you’ll never remember: PATWWFLLM. Which stands for “Pay Attention To What We F**king Look Like Motherf**kers!!!”The book may not be real, but the problem sure is. Hopefully Grier’s spoof is as educational as it is hilarious.

Meg Ryan Just Landed A Role In The ‘HIMYM’ Spinoff

Move over Bob Saget!Meg Ryan has been cast as the narrator for the "How I Met Your Mother" spinoff, "How I Met Your Dad." CBS announced plans last year for a spinoff that would follow a woman, Sally, on the journey of how she found her husband in New York City after her plans were wrecked by divorce. After finding its leading lady in Greta Gerwig -- who made an appearance in the final episode of "HIMYM" -- the show has finally supplied Sally's voice-over talent. In the same way Saget was the voice for future Ted in "HIMYM", Ryan will now be filling the role of storyteller for the spinoff show. Like Saget, her character will never be seen. The role seems pretty perfect for Ryan, who earned the title of "America's Sweetheart" back in the '90s for her rom-com fare including "When Harry Met Sally," "Sleepless in Seattle" and our all-time favorite "You've Got Mail." While the actress did have recurring role on Showtime’s "Web Therapy," the "HIMYD" gig marks her first role as a regular on a major TV series.

Jon Hamm Asks That You Please Stop Talking About His Penis

If you do a Google search for "Jon Hamm penis," you'll know what we're talking about, though the "Mad Men" star would really prefer it if everyone would refrain from Googling that phrase. "Would you want people walking up to you and pointing at your dick? I can't believe I'm still talking about this. But I've worn underwear every day of my life and the fact that I'm painted as this exhibitionist is a little annoying," the 43-year-old told Men's Fitness in the magazine's May issue. "It's become a meme, I guess. Being someone who people want to photograph, you have to open yourself up to the positive and negative. It is what it is. If I get mad at it I'll look like a douchebag. But it's silly."No, seriously, he'd really like you to stop concerning yourself with his penis. "They're called 'privates' for a reason. I'm wearing pants, for f--k's sake. Lay off," Hamm told Rolling Stone last year, adding that intense scrutiny is one of the drawbacks to fame. "I mean, it's not like I'm a f--king lead miner. There are harder jobs in the world. But when people feel the freedom to create Tumblr accounts about my c--k, I feel like that wasn't part of the deal," he said. So, now that we're all going to stop talking about Jon Hamm's penis, he'd like you to focus on more pressing issues, such as why is Justin Bieber such a "shithead"?"Look at Bieber or whoever. You’re like, 'What the f--k, man? What are you doing? Why?' There's no one telling those people no, and it’s a shame," Hamm told Men's Fitness. "Is there a mom or a dad or a really good friend who can say, 'Hey, shithead!' You see people in the world and you’re like, 'Do you know how a washing machine works? Do you know how to wash a dish?' Life skills are something we’re missing." Bieber is an easy target these days, but it's not the first time Hamm has put a celebrity on blast."Whether it's Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated. Being a f--king idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you're rewarded significantly," he told Elle U.K. in 2012. "Incuriousness has become cool … It’s celebrated. It doesn’t make sense to me."

Avril Lavigne, Asian Women Are Not Your Props

Remember that time a white lady brought Japanese Harajuku Girls onto the music scene, using a coterie of exoticized Asian backup dancers as detachable ornaments to wield when said lady needed a dash of quirk? That was 10 years ago, right? Yes, but it was also yesterday.Avril Lavigne's new music video "Hello Kitty" is so derivative of Gwen Stefani's "Harajuku Girls" catastrophe that she is essentially appropriating cultural appropriation. But Lavigne's latest also comes with a few rounds of sexism -- lest secondhand racism didn't suffice. In "Hello Kitty," a group of (relentlessly caricatured) Japanese women stand behind Lavigne, responding to her cues of glee or boredom, while she prances around in candy stores, sushi restaurants that serve cupcakes and the middle of the street. Dual language subtitles appear throughout the video as Lavigne chants "Arigatou" "hello kitty" and "kawaii" in a vaguely "Asian" accent.The women included in the "Hello Kitty" video are not part of the story. They do not seem to have any agency, emotions or purpose beyond playing Lavigne's backdrop and representing a watered-down version of Japanese culture, palatable for a white American audience. Hapless white girls co-opting culture earn a collective eye roll, but we should demand a little more from women who make four-minute videos viewed by millions. "Hello Kitty" is not cute. It's not novelty. It dismisses Asian culture and the women who choose to enjoy it as mindless pawns at white America's disposal. We've been over this. While self-awareness is usually a virtue, it plays to Lavigne's detriment in "Hello Kitty." She appears privy to the ridiculous excesses of her setting, which are inconsistent with and unappreciative of how Japanese culture is truly experienced. Lavigne is by no means "embracing" Japanese culture. She is using it as her jester. As Australian blog "The Two Chairs" put it: "Asian women are not your props. Asian women are not your backdrops; neither are they ‘oriental’ displays. Asian women are not your accessories." Did Avril Lavigne really think, 10 years after Stefani's near-universal impeachment for using Asian women as ornaments, we'd suddenly find it excusable, or even cute?Sorry, Avril. Asian women don't actually giggle in lieu if speaking. They have voices and they're using them on Twitter -- joined by no shortage of women of all colors who find "Hello Kitty" wholly detestable: NEWSFLASH: ASIAN WOMEN ARE NOT A CUTE TREND.— valar morghulis (@humancity) April 23, 2014Urgh. Avril Lavignie does the 'oriental' thing with Hello Kitty. Gross http://t.co/rE7tafyM2B via @humancity— The Two Chairs (@TheTwoChairs) April 23, 2014Cringing at Avril Lavigne's Hello Kitty music video inwhich she uses bored looking asian women as props https://t.co/TezzhN848Q— Queen Ejizzabeth (@rabblearouser) April 23, 2014#hollaback Avril Lavigne slammed for 'offensively racist' Hello Kitty music video - National Post... http://t.co/VY53oK2iXx #OccupyWomen— OccupyWomen (@OccupyWomen) April 23, 2014hey white female pop stars, if you could stop using asian women as props, that’d be super. (I'm looking at you @katyperry and @AvrilLavigne)— julia (@juliamimken) April 22, 2014Avril, you watched us call out Gwen, Miley, Lily, Katy and Selena for this sort of bullsh*t. Entertainers can't just get away with cultural appropriation, and the sooner we recognize that, we will all be better for it. Indeed, "Hello Kitty" has already been removed from Avril Lavigne's official YouTube video. See ya l8r.