Aloe Blacc Explains Why He Didn’t Receive Billing For Avicii’s Hit ‘Wake Me Up’

Before Aloe Blacc was acting in the new James Brown biopic "Get On Up," he both wrote and provided vocals for the ubiquitous 2013 EDM song "Wake Me Up." Despite the song's exorbitant popularity, the only artist credited is Avicii, the record's producer. In a HuffPost Live interview on Thursday, the singer clued us in on why his name is noticeably absent from the platinum hit's billing."I came in with the lyrics and I just developed a melody, and we all thought it was something very strong," he recounted. "We finished the song that night as the acoustic version, then Avicii made the dance mix in a couple of days, and that's what we released to the world, and that was his release."While Blacc admitted that it's "not advisable" for anyone to forego receiving credit -- and that "everyone deserves" it for their respective contributions -- he expressed joy for how well the song's been received by the masses."The song matters more than I do, and that's evident by how many people love the song," he said. "At the end of the day, when I'm dead and gone, the song will still live on. It doesn't matter -- I'm just lucky enough to be able to be the person to bring it into the world."Watch more of Aloe Blacc's conversation with HuffPost Live here.Sign up here for Live Today, HuffPost Live's new morning email that will let you know the newsmakers, celebrities and politicians joining us that day and give you the best clips from the day before!

Every Ridiculous Moment Of ‘Sharknado 2′ In Two Minutes

The great thing about Syfy's disaster movie sequel, "Sharknado 2: The Second One," is that you don't actually have to watch it to enjoy it. Thanks to the amazing wonders of the Internet, you can get a pretty good summary of the film from last night's best tweets, gifs of the craziest moments and now from an awesome supercut.Whether you've already seen "Sharknado 2," plan on watching it later, or have sworn to never subject yourself to its full 100 minutes (we understand), you should still watch our two-minute recap of all the shark insanity that went down. Enjoy, and you're welcome.

The Hip-Hop Artists With The Largest Vocabulary, Revamped

 The Hip Hop Artists With The Largest Vocabulary, Revamped

A couple months ago, Matt Daniels wowed wordsmiths and hip-hop enthusiasts alike with his hip-hop flow chart. It ranked 85 rappers by the size of the vocabulary in their songs.Now, Daniels has upped the ante by expanding his repertoire to 100 artists. The hard data is brilliantly illustrated in the above print from Pop Chart Lab, which is available for purchase.In version 2.0, Daniels decided to make a concerted effort to include rappers known for their extensive vocabularies. And, as he predicted, many of them -- for example, Jedi Mind Tricks, Action Bronson, Jean Grae, Del, Sage Francis and Immortal Technique -- shot straight to the top of the list.Plus, who wouldn't want these amazing illustrations of 100 rappers on their wall? Sign us up.

Kim Kardashian Shares Makeup-Free Selfie, The Rarest Of All Kardashian Selfies

If there is one thing we know in life to be true, it's that Kim Kardashian loves taking selfies.Seriously, the woman took over 1,200 of herself on a recent trip to Thailand as part of a "selfie book" (which is not actually a thing people do) for Kanye West, who was unable to join the family on their vacation. Needless to say, Kardashian doesn't tire of snapping pictures of her own face. Ever. But on this day -- July 31 -- she took the rarest of all the Kardashian selfies. Yes, Kim shared a makeup-free selfie with her massive Instagram following. Rarer than the bikini selfie, the butt selfie (or belfie if you prefer), and far, far rarer than the standard duckface pucker, Kardashian stripped off the makeup to expose her true self to the world, and to promote her sister Kendall Jenner's LOVE magazine cover.

‘Walking Dead’ Star Andrew Lincoln Teases Major Deaths In Season 5

daryldiedeide2 Walking Dead Star Andrew Lincoln Teases Major Deaths In Season 5

Forget throats. Rick Grimes just ripped our hearts out.While talking with Entertainment Weekly Radio at Comic-Con, "Walking Dead" star Andrew Lincoln hinted that there could be some major deaths coming in Season 5. “It is an inevitable part of this show," he said "It’s one of the great things, I think, that you have real jeopardy for favorite characters. It won’t be without its share of death this season.”In addition to Lincoln's comments, co-star Norman Reedus also recently teased some shocking deaths in the upcoming season, telling HuffPost, "Grab your tissues."Season 4 of "Walking Dead" ended with our favorite group of survivors being held captive at Terminus and Rick famously saying, "They're screwing with the wrong people." Unfortunately for Grimes and the others, these cast interviews make it seem like perhaps he spoke too soon.The show creators should just remember one thing though:Listen to the Entertainment Weekly interview here.Season 5 of "The Walking Dead" premieres Sunday, October 12, at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Taylor Swift And Karlie Kloss Dance On Stage At An Ingrid Michaelson Concert

Taylor Swift obviously doesn't care if you think her dancing is awkward, or else she probably would've stopped a while ago. Swift and her BFF, Victoria's Secret Angel Karlie Kloss, danced like no one was watching at the Ingrid Michaelson concert in New York City on July 30. Lucky for us, people were watching and filming with their phones. In this Instagram video, T-Swift is dressed in black on the middle of the stage. If you can't spot her immediately, don't worry. You'll soon recognize her signature awkward jig/wavy arm combo: Another clip captured by an Instagram user shows Swift as she goes over to embrace Kloss. Don't worry, guys, she quickly resumes jigging:Ingrid Michaelson clearly appreciated Swift's moves, as the "Girls Chase Boys" singer posted an Instagram collage thanking Swift and others for coming out: You do you, Taylor.

Matt Lauria, Nick Jonas Throw Punches In New ‘Kingdom’ Trailer

If Warrior were made into a TV show, swapping Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton for Matt Lauria and Nick Jonas, you’d have Kingdom, a new series from DirecTV.In the first trailer for Kingdom, we’re introduced to a family drama set in the world of mixed martial arts. At the center of it all is Warrior star Frank Grillo, who once again plays a trainer and the owner of a gym. Jonas stars as Grillo’s prize-fighting son, while Jonathan Tucker plays Jonas’ older, slightly darker brother. Friday Night Light‘s Matt Lauria also comes into play as a fighter recently released on parole and trying to come back into their world. Kingdom premiere October 8 at 9 p.m. on DirecTV.

My Dad Was James Garner

2014 07 30 th thumb My Dad Was James Garner

I should qualify this by saying that I was just a small child and the show Maverick was on television. My late father, William Rust, looked just like Maverick, who was a fabulous, sly, and clever gambler in the Wild West (a role reprieved by Mel Gibson), and Maverick turned out to be played by James Garner, not my dad. But you couldn't convince me of that! My dad would dress as Maverick and shoot his eyebrows straight to the sky and back down to the dry dusty plains of the Ole West, and he had a Maverick hat with pink silk lining. I repeat: pink silk lining! Yes, sir, he was Maverick through and through and even taught us children how to play poker! We would put our silver plastic cowboy guns up on the game table and play "Spit in the Ocean" with Maverick himself... or so we thought!Both James Garner and my father, William Rust, stood well over six feet of solid muscle and had black curly hair which was de rigeur for a leading man then. They both shared that square-jawed head that could project danger, especially when they worked their eyebrows and bedroom eyes. They were, in a word, drop-dead handsome. They were the very definition of handsome! While they did not look exactly alike, people see what they want to see, and I guess when they saw Dad, they wanted to see Mr. Garner -- so they did! Who knows whether my father was gracious enough to accept being mistaken for James (Jim) Garner, or James Garner was gracious enough to sometimes be considered to be my father! They were both such gentleman at a time when being a gentleman counted for something! With the recent passing of James Garner, we lost not only a major television and film talent, but a true gentleman who was warm, winsome and wonderful, and for whom my father was mistaken for, at the very least, once a day but usually more. And sometimes by a whole crowd! This look alike phenomenon kept life interesting. We lived in Brentwood, a suburb with lots of celebrities and notables, and Mr. Garner could often be seen at the local independent market called Vicente Foods, known for its great produce and farm-fresh eggs. When I saw him there, he was always gracious. Of course, I was always with a parent or grandparent. I didn't have to say something idiotic such as, "You look just like my daddy," because when I was with my father, the two men would look at each other, smile, then simply start laughing. My father thought laughter was something short of sacred so I must have already comprehended this because the laughter brought me such joy. Also, for men to be shopping was also pretty cool... it showed they were "liberated" men, not bound by the strains of convention. These were cool men!My father and Mr. Garner were able to joke beyond their looking like brothers... they joked that maybe there was more going on in their families than they knew! They always promised a joint family barbecue but both were busy with their adored families and lives and that never came to pass -- except in my imagination where it happened many times!Dad's career was not in acting so he was not competing for roles or attention -- he was a businessman... though it was with entertainers. I can't say that I could see much of a difference between the two men and I would happily have taken both home with the fresh eggs and great produce! The only difference was that Dad had blue eyes and Mr. Garner had brown.As a grown up, I would also see Mr. Garner at industry events. Once with Angela Lansbury, who is equally gracious, he was just as warm then, as though I were still five, even when I was all grown up and a contributing member to the entertainment industry myself! His hair had thinned a bit while my fathers only thickened and whitened, which left my father to look more like our local anchorman, Jerry Dumphy, while Mr. Garner colored his. That did not stop people, however, and once, when my father fell at a local restaurant, an ambulance was called for James Garner! Mr. Garner and my father shared many common interests and when my father had back surgery for a local bodysurfing injury, Mr. Garner was the first to want to know how it went because he suffered with a bad back. Later, showing off his "new back," my father somersaulted through the entry of the Riviera Country Club and everyone gave James Garner credit! Mr. Garner could never have done what Dad did, but Dad was delighted that people thought it was Mr. Garner.I used to think that if we wanted a good table at a restaurant like Scandia for on the Sunset Strip for Sunday brunch that we should use Mr. Garner's name (joking) but of course, being that he and Dad were both gentlemen, we never did. The fact that Mr. Garner made acting look effortless was a fact not lost on my late friend, Stephen Cannell, who created The Rockford Files. Stephen and I were at a book convention once, each there promoting books we had written, and I told him about my father being mistaken for Mr. Garner -- especially as Maverick, but as Rockford as well -- and he told me that The Rockford Files was the easiest piece of writing he had ever done because of Jim Garner -- what a rare and ...